Climate Monitoring for Virginia
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences

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Virginia Mean Temperatures and Precipitation
  Monthly mean temperatures and precipitation, averaged from 30 years of PRISM data. The PRISM data is very high resolution. A model is involved in the generation of the data. For more information, visit the PRISM project home page
Recent Virginia Weather Rankings
  A comparison of recent Virginia weather to climate. Recent weather for various atmospheric variables is taken from the GFS global model analyses. This data is compared to 62 years of NCEP reanalysis data. Recent weather, and the forecast for the next 7 days, are ranked by percentile as compared to the 62 year data record from NCEP reanalysis. The plots show the ranking, as a percentile. For example, if the plot shows a rank value of 90%, that indicates that for this time of year, only 10 percent of the data over the 62 year NCEP reanalysis period was higher in value. Note that the GFS model analysis and NCEP reanalysis do not use the same underlying techniques.