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Current Surface Analyses
  Analyses of current surface conditions over the eastern US. Updated hourly, at about 23 minutes after the hour. The analysis of each surface variable is done directly from the data, and is not produced from a numerical model. Errors in surface reports will be reflected in the analysis. A browser refresh may be needed to obtain the most recent maps.
Analyses for the Last Week
  Extensive set of maps for the 00Hr GFS Analysis (Initial Condition). Maps are provided every 6 hours for the last 10 days. The maps are easily accessible from a single web interface. Updated every six hours.
Extensive Set of Maps from the GFS
  Over 600 maps of different levels, variables, and forecast times produced from the GFS model data. The maps are easily accessible from a single web interface. Maps are provided every 3 hours out to 36 hours. Updated every six hours. This set of maps is available as soon as the first 36 hours of GFS model output data is obtained.
Experimental Prototype Analysis Tool for GFS Data
  Applies to the GFS forecast data. Plot any variable, at any level, at any time, over any region. Perform analysis using any GrADS expression. This is a very early prototype. This prototype will be updated periodically without notice.
Radar Animation for the Last Hour
  An animation of the regional radar plots for approximately the last hour. Updated frequently.