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GMU Weather Station
  The weather station at George Mason University is installed at the Research I building on the Fairfax campus, 38.82 N, 77.30 W.
Current Conditions
  Current weather over Virginia. Radar and satellite images are updated every few minutes. Temperatures and surface analyses are updated hourly. The complete state of the atmosphere, as analyzed by the NCEP global modeling system, is updated every six hours.
Analysis Tools
  Tools for analyzing both the current and the recent state of the atmosphere. Plots are provided using current observed data and also using model analyses.

Model forecasts for the next few days. The global modeling system at NCEP is run every six hours, and produces forecast data up to seven days in the future. Selected meteorological variables are plotted. This data is the direct output of the models and has not been given human interpretation. These are not official forecasts -- see the disclaimer below.

Climate Monitoring
  Longer term climate conditions over Virginia. Estimates of monthly and seasonal anomalies of temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, and drought. These estimates are made from data that has not been quality controlled.
Movies and Archives

Selected images from this web site are archived here, and can be accessed by the original date and time of the image. Items of special interest are also put here. New! Hurricane Irene radar animation.

Official Disclaimer

George Mason University makes no guarantees about and bears no responsibility or liability concerning the accuracy or timeliness of the images or data being published on these web pages. All images and data are experimental and for educational and research use only. The contents or layout of this web site may change at any time without notice, in order to serve the needs of classroom work or research projects. The products on this web site are not a substitute for official forecasts or official data and are not guaranteed to be complete or timely. For official forecasts, official warnings, or other offiical weather and climate information, see the National Weather Service or NOAA Climate Services.


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